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Air Source Heat Pump Mini

Designed for professionals, elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts, and those seeking the ultimate recovery experience.


Air Source Heat Pump Mini


Price includes local fitting and setup.


Model PSL-150-0257
Heating Capacity: Ambient 26°C, Inlet/Outlet: 26/28°C, Humidity 80%
Heating Capacity (kW) 5
Power Input (kW) 0.806
COP 6.2
Heating Capacity: Ambient 15°C, Inlet/Outlet: 26/28°C, Humidity 70%
Heating Capacity (kW) 3.68
Power Input (kW) 0.78
COP 4.7
Max Power Input (kW) 1.5
Max Current (A) 7.1
Recommended pool size (m3) 10~20
Controller LED Controller
Power Supply 220-240V~/50Hz
Water Temp. Heating Mode (°C) 15~40
Running Ambient Temp. (°C) -5 ~ 43
Refrigerant R32
Compressor Type Rotary
Gas Control Capillary
Four Way Valve Yes
Heat Exchanger Titanium Heat Exchanger
Water Pipe Connection (mm) φ32 or φ38
Casing Material ABS
Water Flow (m3/h) 2.5
Water Pressure Drop (kPa) 10
Net Dimension (mm) 505x360x545
Packing Dimension (mm) 560x390x575

Ambient Air Temperatures in the Cambridgeshire(UK) for the winter months rarely fall below -5°C. If extreme weather conditions fall below -5°C then the unit will be outside of its ambient operating temperature.

Additional information

Size (kW)


Ambient Operating Temp

-5°C ~ 43°C


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