Air Source Heat Pump Mini


Price includes local fitting and setup.



Model PSL-150-0257
Heating Capacity: Ambient 26°C, Inlet/Outlet: 26/28°C, Humidity 80%
Heating Capacity (kW) 5
Power Input (kW) 0.806
COP 6.2
Heating Capacity: Ambient 15°C, Inlet/Outlet: 26/28°C, Humidity 70%
Heating Capacity (kW) 3.68
Power Input (kW) 0.78
COP 4.7
Max Power Input (kW) 1.5
Max Current (A) 7.1
Recommended pool size (m3) 10~20
Controller LED Controller
Power Supply 220-240V~/50Hz
Water Temp. Heating Mode (°C) 15~40
Running Ambient Temp. (°C) -5 ~ 43
Refrigerant R32
Compressor Type Rotary
Gas Control Capillary
Four Way Valve Yes
Heat Exchanger Titanium Heat Exchanger
Water Pipe Connection (mm) φ32 or φ38
Casing Material ABS
Water Flow (m3/h) 2.5
Water Pressure Drop (kPa) 10
Net Dimension (mm) 505x360x545
Packing Dimension (mm) 560x390x575

Ambient Air Temperatures in the Cambridgeshire(UK) for the winter months rarely fall below -5°C. If extreme weather conditions fall below -5°C then the unit will be outside of its ambient operating temperature.

Additional information

Size (kW)


Ambient Operating Temp

-5°C ~ 43°C


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