Delivery and Setup

Hot Tub Delivery

Hot Tub deliveries are simple. We require enough access either through a gateway down the side of your property or through a fence panel. The size requirements differ between the spa models. Some require larger access due to the size of the hot tub.

An easy way to measure the access is to pick a hot tub which suits your requirements. Measure the depth of the hot tub as this then becomes the width when it is up on its side. The Width of the hot tub is then used as the height when its on its side. Always add 6 inches to the measurements for the spa trolly and clearances.


Hot Tub Setup

Setting up the hot tub is part of our service and is required for manufacture warranty purposes. Our Delivery team consists of at least one fully trained service technician who follows a dedicated startup procedure with check points to follow. Although all our hot tubs are run and tested upon manufacturing in the USA, we’re sometimes required to finalise setup of some components on site. This enables us to guarantee full operation of the hot tub upon delivery.

Hot Tubs don’t come with any electrical cable therefore require a fully certified electrical point installed by a Part P registered Electrician. It is recommended to have this certificated.

What’s needed for Delivery & Setup?

Measure your desired route for access with the dimensions of the hot tub plus 6inches.

Electrical Supply
A dedicated supply is required for all hot tub installations, whether that be 13amp or 40amp supply. We offer a free no obligation quotation for electrical supplies.

Level Base
A level hardstanding is required for a hot tub. The overall base must exceed the exterior dimensions by 12inches. Typically concrete is used or patio slabs laid onto concrete. The hot tub base is flat and has no leg adjustments so the weight is spread out over the whole area.
Our teams can supply a hose pipe to fill up the hot tub but we do require an accessible tap for the hose to connect to.
Onsite acceptance
We require the purchaser to be available on the day of delivery so our delivery team can explain the full details of operation and chemical usage.

Still need help with measuring or need further advice?

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