Spazazz Instant Beads Love Potion


Instant aromatic escape beads. Perfect for spas, bathtubs, humidifiers, vacuums, cars etc…

Set “The Mood”… Immerse yourself in a seductive fantasy ready to simmer with whom you desire.

Relax – Breathe – Soak

The spa & bathtubs: Simply place beads into your water dispenser or toss directly into the water. Let the exotic aromas whisk you away!

The Humidifier: Place canister with beads into the water, instantly enjoy the therapeutic waters!

The Vacuum: Simply sprinkle beads on carpet and then vacuum. Your room will fill with a pleasing aroma.

Car Sachet: When you hit the road leave the stress behind with an amazing aroma that fits your mood.

made in the U.S.A

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