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Ice Baths

Our UK ice baths are built from high quality, market leading materials. With three different cold plunge models available, we cater to a wide range of customers, improving their health and wellbeing in the process.




Chill Tubs


Gareth Davis
“Recovery is a big part of my routine, after being a professional rugby player now for almost 15 years I’m getting a little bit older, and with the Chill Tub I now have my own recovery set up at home”
Gareth Davies
Professional Rugby Player
Sally gunnell
“I have really got into using my Chill Tub. I love the way it makes me feel – refreshed, euphoric, relaxed, energised, mentally clear and it has improved my sleep.”
Sally Gunnell
British former track-and-field athlete
Bradley Smith
“My new non-negotiable. 3-5 minutes every day. The benefits are endless. Highly recommend you to start cold water therapy daily. In just a week I noticed huge benefits with my recovery and positivity.“
Bradley Simmons
Personal trainer, Fitness influencer