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Buying direct from us

Posh Spas is proud to be the exclusive UK Importer/Distributor for Cal Spas. Our family business purchases directly from Cal Spas manufacturing facility in California, USA.

Our pricing is the most competitive in the UK for a quality USA manufactured hot tub or swim spa. We included all the necessary items that you will require when purchase a hot tub. These consist of: Delivery & Setup*, Two Tier Steps, Starter Chemical Kit, Deluxe Spa Cover and Cover Lifter System.

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Balboa control system

All Cal Spas Hot Tubs use the industry leading technology by Balboa Water Group. Our specifically designed control panels feature a sleek design which is unique to Cal Spas only.

Its classed as the best control system in the spa industry. With this in mind we can ensure that our customers receive the best equipment on their Cal Spas Hot Tub.

Our dedication to excellence

Balboa Water Group is the industry leader in supplying quality products to our customers.  They have committed themselves to continuous process improvement in order to meet and exceed customer expectations.
BWG has invested substantial resources in training, inspection procedures, and capital improvements to guarantee customers complete satisfaction.

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Lower spa running costs

Thermo-Shield Spa insulation

Cal Spas Thermo-Shield™ insulation system starts by installing a unique material primarily comprised of post consumer recycled denim. This 3” thick insulating material foundation is then thermally bonded with a 99% pure aluminium reinforced foil sheet on one side creating a radiant heat shield which directs motor and equipment heat back into the spa, retaining residual heat and increasing energy efficiency. Next, we install a layer of dual walled reflective bubble foil to the floor area of the spa to reflect heat upward into the spa seat and floor. Finally we add an ABS liner or ABS moulded pan that locks in heat and keeps moisture out.