Posh LED Parasol


LED Parasol, 3M Diameter.

The parasol cover tilts backwards from a smooth runner on the mainframe, there’s a foot pedal on the base to facilitate 360 degree movement and when not in use the whole thing winds down to a compact shape for easy storage.

The cross-bar aluminium base can be screwed to the floor or for added cosmetic value you can insert it between concrete base slabs in a patio area.

The Highest Quality Specifications:

Canopy: High Grade Polyester 300g/m2 with air vents.

High light fastness & rot resistant.

360 Rotation to any position required.

Easy Handle: Convenient system for opening and closing the parasol locking device, securing the parasol in any tilted position.

Tilt Function: Providing shade regardless of the sun position.

Canopy Diameter : 300CM

Full Height: 250CM

Depth from back of base to front of canopy  : 360CM

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